Riley Register

Founded in 1954, the Riley Register aims to keep pre-war Riley’s on the road and maintained in as near original condition as possible. Grosvenor Wilton was found to be the last UK based Wilton weaver who could reproduce the carpet used in the early 1900 Riley’s.

Grosvenor Wilton has created a cut pile Wilton using a 2 coloured stipple yarns. The current offering includes red/black stipple carpet with blue/black and green/black options to follow. The partnership between the two brands has meant that members of the Riley Register can restore their interiors to the original design and look.


Charles Annable, Grosvenor Wilton comments;

‘We are thrilled to be partnering with the Riley Register on this project. Our reproduction is very close to the original carpet in terms of quality and colour, we have been given original car carpets to match to which are over 80 years old. We found some old car carpets that had little exposure to sunlight and it was surprising how bright the colours are.’

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